About me

Hello and welcome.

A little about what I do; I’m a passionate 3D artist, with over 14 years experience, starting my career in 2004 and have worked for a variety of companies and in many styles.

I’ve worked on VR/AR experiences, AAA games titles, TV shows and commercials, kids shows, magazine & print media, laser shows and public events, corporate videos, logos, medical shows, interactive exhibitions and documentaries.

I am a technical artist at heart and I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of making a pipeline to fit into the workflow of many artists.
Next to that I love surfacing/lighting & rendering and recently learning to code in GLSL.

I enjoy the learning process that is hand in hand with 3D, in such an evolving industry there is always something to learn/relearn/teach and achieve.

Outside of work, I’m a dad and I spend most of my time being stupid.

Thank you for visiting.


Mark Serena Written by:

Mark is an artist with a passion for technical art and things beyond his comprehension.