UE4 Mandlebrot Times Tables

Create circular timestable using UE4 Blueprints

I was inspired by this Mathloger video to recreate this times-table cardioid circle.

It’s basically an awesome way to visualize timestables in 2 dimensions.

We create a for loop with the maximum number of connections we want to make.
For the current index we want to get it’s location on the circle so we put in a rotateVectorAroundAxis to get it’s position equally spaced on the circumference.

That gets feed into a Draw Debug Line function as the Line Start and for the Line End we simply do the same but insert out multiplier and we get our times-table Mandelbrot diagram.

In this blueprint I’ve also lowered the rotateVectorAroundAxis to aim for a vector underneath the original, which gives puts it in 3D.

If you want to play with an interactive webGL version you can check here

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Mark is an artist with a passion for technical art and things beyond his comprehension.